Houston Tx – Walkabout

DSC05460-1Anytime I visit a new city I try to spend a few hours walking around looking for photographic opportunities. Its a way to refine my compositional vision. Our trip to Texas was a first for our family, so we had to get initiated into some local Christmas customs. Tequila tasting, Brisket smoking, and fireworks made for a unique Christmas experience. I managed to remove myself Christmas evening to stroll Houston looking for some good architectural opportunities. Houston, being the 4th largest city in the US was surprisingly easy to navigate. I decided to make my journey on Christmas day because I knew the city would be less crowded. My expectations were correct. The city was nearly abandoned. It was kind of eerie.DSC05484-2 I was able to find a parking anywhere I chose. This allowed me to walk the streets freely and get shots from the street that would have been impossible on any other day. I started my walk at the Chevron buildings. I rarely feel the need to have a 17mm lens, but this was a situation where it would have come in handy to get the whole building in one shot. I marched on with my 24mm. After spending some time at the Chevron buildings I noticed I only had about 30 minutes before sunset. I made my way uptown to get some shots of the Pennzoil building. Working against the sun is always stressful, but it keeps you on your toes. I knew I was trying to cram too much into an evening, but I wanted to experience as much of this city I could given my short encounter. I parked by the Pennzoil building and looked for an interesting composition. It was getting dark fast and the Pennzoil building is already very dark. I wasn’t feeling exceptionally good about my location so I followed the sun west and noticed the lighting on The Jesse H  Jones Hall for the Performing Arts . I managed to get into position at just the right time to capture this shot as the sun set behind me. DSC05521-6I love how the lighting on the building contrasts with the blue sky.


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