Hoover House

Last week I had the chance to photograph a new friends recently finished home in German Village in Columbus OH. I was shooting this as a favor, and did not have a full day to shoot a full set, but I decided I would get at least one properly set up and lit “hero” shot. dsc04809-capture 1I wanted to show as much as possible in one photo. The home was a typical small “read tiny” German Village home that was completely renovated by artist Darrin Hoover. When I approached the home it was one of the smallest homes on the street. After walking in the house seemed much bigger. It was the biggest little house Ive ever been in. I knew I needed to capture that feeling. There are several things about the home that give the occupant the feeling of bigness. The most obvious is the control of natural lighting. By opening the ceiling above the kitchen, light fills the home and really brings the textures and details to life. Attention to every detail in the home also makes this home feel big. There is a story behind everything. Every chair, painting, book, light fixture, and reclaimed board has a life dsc04845-capture 1of its own. For the hero shot, I placed the camera in a location to show the full frame of the house to give scale to the project. I also liked the one point perspective that gives depth to the image. I used the ladder on the right of the image to help frame the image. The umbrella served as another stopping point for your eye to redirect left along the structural steel tension rods. These rods were installed to replace the tensile function the joists once served. After working out the composition, and setting a few lights to bring out some texture, and help create separation, I needed to add some life to the image. The house feels so livable, so the hero photo would not be incomplete without telling this story well. Darrin’s dog Arthur was so well behaved and fit the color pallete so well I had to use him. dsc04842-capture 1I placed him at the center of the one point perspective. There was a lack of horizontal elements so I used his gaze to direct attention to Darrin in the kitchen. Im very pleased with the results of the efforts put forward to capture this image. This image is also on my official architectural photography website.

dsc04878-capture 1

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