Franklin Park Conservatory – Columbus Ohio


In January,  I took a visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory. This trip was an attempt to try some new techniques in night time photography. I arrived right before sunset and planted my camera dead center on axis with centerline of the entrance. The composition required many precision adjustments to get everything perfect. The temperature that day was about 10 degrees with a pretty strong wind that dropped the wind chill to about -10 degrees. I took several photos, as the sun set, to ensure I captured the perfect balance of ambient and interior light. Considering this image was  roughly 15 second exposures it strong wind, the result was very sharp. It is times like this where having a very solid tripod pays off. Below are 100% crops of the image above. Post processing was pretty intensive on this image. I ended up investing in a new Eizo hardware calibrated monitor. The difference this has made in my color workflow is considerable. I may write about this in future posts.


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Detail 1

Detail 3

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